to our humble and deliciously creative world.

Being struck by the incredible blessing it is to live in a Western society where we are able to indulge in such elegent and delicious gourmet dining, GrazeHouse’s founder, Gemma wanted to use this blessing to bless others, out of this, GrazeHouse was born. Gemma’s creative heart and a want to create connection between people recognised that in a room full of absolute strangers, food could bring conversation, peace and unity as everyone gathered around a table to enjoy some of the simple things that we all have in common…food and friendship.

As Grazehouse has grown, now to a team of three, each of us absolutely adore putting together a spread for every client, to create a table that not only tastes absolutely divine, but also is a statement to your event that draws all of your guests together, that is exactly what she hopes to see and hear from you.

We look forward to hearing from you.

The GrazeHouse Team