The Perfect Portable Platter

…Your solution to any event


1 x 40cm Round - $155

Please be aware of delivery costs below*

Our single cocktail platter set to feed up to 8 hungry tums* is an absolutely gorgeous way to effortlessly cater a small event, perhaps a business meeting, a small hens night, a family birthday or just a girls get together. $155 pick up or $160 delivered (within Newcastle). Allergies are able to be catered for


2 x 40cm Round - $305

Please be aware of delivery costs below*

The stated platter is exactly that, a statement. A cocktail feed for up to 16 people these two platters come with their own flare, no need to under-cater or over-exert here. Let our platters do the talking and impress your guests, employees or family members. We can’t wait to see what even you have this for.


3 x 40cm Round - $455

Please be aware of delivery costs below*

Want more than just your standard bitesize canape’s that leave you hungry? This is certainly Extra, not quite a grazing table, but close enough, we’ll provide the goods for up to 28 guests across three gorgeous wooden platters, pop some flowers around and voila, you’ve got yourself your very own affordable standout Grazing table. Perfect for a hens night, birthday event, Christmas party, staff meeting or co-orporate event.


To be returned or picked up following the event

  • Cheese Knives

  • Cutlery

  • Stunning bowls and unique platter pieces

  • Gorgeous wooden platter rounds


  • Pick Up (Hunter St): Free

  • Within Newcastle: $5

  • 1-1.5hr: $15

  • 1.5hr+: $25

**All platter food portions are estimates. Depending on your guests they may feed slightly less or more people.